Educational Policy

At the beginning of the Meiji era, a dawn of female education in our country; Sanyo Gakuen was established by enlightened people in Okayama.  After several years, Yoshi Kajiro was inaugurated as a teacher at Sanyo Eiwa Women’s School, the predecessor school of Sanyo Gakuen.  She was highly regarded in female education for devoting her life to humane education. 

Currently, our Sanyo Gakuen has a university and college composed of five departments, a university attached kindergarten, a graduate school of Nursing, and a course of Midwifery.  Its educational idea is based on the spirit of “Love and Service”.  Fostering the spirit of “Love and Service”, we cultivate the students’ character a sense of solidarity towards a society.  The spirit of “Love and Service” was taught and practiced by Yoshi Kajiro and became the conceptual foundation of our school education philosophy.
Yoshi Kajiro
In 1889 (22nd of Meiji era), Yoshi Kajiro became a teacher at Sanyo Eiwa, the predecessor of the present Sanyo Gakuen.  After several years, she went to the US to study education philosophy from Mary Lyon who was called “the Mother of female education”.  After Yoshi’s returning to Japan, she taught at Sanyo Gakuen again and established the foundation of Japanese female education.  Yoshi Kajiro, who was a devout Christian, devoted her life to female education with the sprit of “Love and Service” until she died in 1959 (34th of Showa era).