President’s Message

“Love and Service”
In 1886, our institution, Sanyo Gakuen, was established as the answer to the prayers of those who had longed for women’s education, including Juji Ishii, the founder of Okayama Orphanage, and Yokotaro Nakagawa, Koume Sumiya, Magosaburo Ohara, Jiro Hoshijima, and many others. Those dedicated leaders of the community in all ages have supported our development, and in 2016 we have attained the 130th anniversary, while our educational philosophy, “Love and Service,” has been inherited from generation to generation. Today the institution includes a graduate school, a university, a junior college, a high school, a junior high school, a kindergarten, and the advanced course on midwifery which was opened in April, 2016.  Sanyo Gakuen, as a unified educational system, have been sending out graduates who could fully embody the spirit of “Love and Service” in the world from Okayama, Japan.

Education is realized on the basis of human interaction. Yoshi Kajiro, who built the foundation of our education, cultivated her personality, reflecting on who she is, from associating with enlightened people in and out of Japan. Such encounters may take place incidentally, however, when one takes advantage of the opportunity, meaningful interaction can flourish. 
We highly value education that “puts each and every student first”, and we are proud to provide an educational environment where faculty, staff, and students at Sanyo Gakuen inspire one another for their personal growth. To support this environment, we are committed to offer humanistic education that emphasizes not only intellectual achievements such as gaining knowledge and skills, but also students’ active involvement in their personal pursuit of the true meaning of life.

Sanyo Gakuen has been respected and cherished by the society because of its excellent standard of education where each student is treated with the utmost respect and encouraged to achieve their full potential to be a better human being. I sincerely hope that through the friendships and connections you develop at our institution, you will find the purpose of life, and continue to improve yourself towards the realization of your true self.

This school is composed of five coeducational departments: Nursing; Psychology and Human Life; Language and Culture; Food and Nutrition; and Preschool Education.  In addition, there are a university attached kindergarten, a graduate school of Nursing, and a course of Midwifery as well.  All offer a variety of educational activities to foster students’ character through the spirit of foundation, “Love and Service”.  For more information, see the pages which show the admission policy and teaching contents of each department.

We all are looking forward to having a meaningful interaction with you.