Department of Language and Culture

In the Department of Language and Culture you will develop the knowledge and skills for critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and intercultural understanding, which are considered to be essential to become an active member of today’s world. The department consists of two courses: Japan-Asia course and English course.
Course Descriptions: English course
•    The course aims to develop students’ abilities to use English for international communication.
•    You will enjoy learning English through a wide variety of tasks and activities. You will also learn the history and culture of English-speaking countries.  
•    The Advanced English Class is an EAP programme that are designed for those with Eiken 2nd grade or higher and are planning to study abroad.
Course Descriptions: Japan-Asia course
•    The course aims to help students gain a deeper understanding of languages and cultures of Asian regions such as Japan, China, and South Korea.
•    You will develop intercultural communication skills by learning together with international students from different cultural backgrounds.
•    The Japanese language teacher training programme provides you with an opportunity to do practice teaching abroad.